1: Tjønser-siden


1: Tjønser-siden














World Cup 70+
AB 2018

            Football / Fun / Friendship

HALLO – January the 1st 2018 AB-Tjønserne decided that they would plan and succeed with World Cup 70+ AB 2018. A project group of 17 members got together and planned the many activities for June 14th to 16th. Many clubs were invited from Europe, Asia and USA, and we succeeded with 12 clubs, who played a tournament with 2 matches every day for each club for the 3 days. West Japan won the tournament with a victory in the final over B93/Brønshøj.

GOODBYE – June the 16th was the final day, and in the evening we had a Dinner Party with a buffet and celebrating the winners West Japan with a big trophy. Also trophies to the top scorer and the player with the most speed. We said goodbye to each other after 3 good days.

HALLO – Before we left each other West Japan proclaimed that World Cup 70+ would be held in Japan October 2019. We are all looking forward to even more football, fun and friendship.



Årets AB-Tjønser

                     Elio Acunto-de Lorenzo      Povl Kjøller         Bent Jacobsen            John Andersen
                               2007                              2008                         2009                          2010
                        VN 001-3  Tjønser-fest 2014 023
                      Henrik Duun              Søren Hansen         Verner Nielsen         Henning Kurland
                             2011                            2012                         2013                         2014
                     =?iso-8859-1?Q?Tj=F8nser-fest_210116_027.jpg?=-2 Tjønser-fest 2016 010 
                     Niels Torp Andersen          Bjørn Larsen             Jan Ivar Nielsen
                                2015                                 2016                          2017