28: World Cup 70+ AB 2018


AB / Akademisk Boldklub


                          World Cup 70+

                               AB 2018 


The Club
Akademisk Boldklub was founded in 1889 and is one of the oldest football clubs in Denmark.  Since it’s start AB has won numerous national championships and provided many players not only to the national soccer team, but also to famous football clubs abroad.   Currently AB is playing in the national 2. Division.  In addition to football AB also holds cricket, tennis and handball and has  more than 1600 members. The club is located in Bagsværd, a suburban city  placed on the outskirts of Copenhagen and close to both train and motorway.

Already back in the 1940s, a soccer game, called Tjøns, emerged in AB and was played on a small course with small goals. Besides the fun and joy of football, Tjøns had the purpose of improving fitness as well as practicing in-fight situations, shooting accuracy and technique. Tjøns is today a well-integrated part of football in AB and is often combined with cultural and social activities.