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                               World Cup 70+

                                    AB 2018


16.06.2018     WC70+   BREAKING!   Final results

The Tournament has now come to an end and after a lot of exiting matches  one team emerged as winner:
                                                                                West Japan
In the following you will find the resulting ranking of all the other teams:
2. B93/Brønshøj
3. NC United USA
4. AB Tårnby
5. AB
6. Kizuna Japan
7. Frem
8. Star Team
10. ØIF
11. Ålborg Chang
12. Farum


09.06.2018       WC70+   Notice – Tournament Program handout

A handout with the complete Tournament Program will be available for all participants at the AB premises. Due to last minute changes however, the program doesn’t  include an additional  tournament rule and a football field change from 4 to 2.
For a correct  version of the WC70+ rules and up-to-date  football field numbering for all the matches please visit the related menu’s on this website.


03.06.2018        WC70+   Latest status – Team managers 

Information from a mail issued to all Team managers 03.06.2018:

Further to my 27/5 mail I have some final clarifications/corrections.

Since some of the team managers may not arrive in time for the planned managers meeting on Thursday 14/6 at 0830, we have decided to cancel that meeting.

But there will still be many of us around Thursday morning so that programs for all players could be given and you will find someone to show you changing rooms etc prior to the matches.

There will be a lot of activities prior to 14/6 with training matches at AB 9/6 and 12/6, a tour to Ålborg 10-11/6 and other matches on 11/6 so that everyone should be ready on 14/6.

But my most important message to our guests from abroad (all danes already know) is that we have had the warmest May ever, and that the nice sunny days (and nights) seems to continue in June, hopefully also during our games.

So no need to bring a lot of warm cloth for our cold northern climate – it is hot all over – and even the sea temperature is convenient for a swim.

I hope that everyone is now eager to go – and we will give you all a warm welcome.

I hope that all the information we wanted to give you are already now understood, but please let me know if there are some final questions.

John Andersen


27.05.2018        WC70+   Latest status – Team managers 

Information from a mail issued to all Team managers 27.05.2018:

To all team managers:
I hope that you have informed all players that they may find info about the event at:

WC70+ menu “News”

This mail will be inserted on that page (without the player lists) and you may just want to also forward it to your players.
The homepage also have other info about the event which I hope you all read.
The planning is now close to being completed so this mail is mainly intended to summarize some of the duties of the team managers and some other info that you may need:

The player lists show now a summary page with the 12 teams and separate sheets for each team showing names and ages etc.
Please review your team list and let me know if there are any changes to the lists?

We would like the team managers to meet with us at 0830 on Thursday 14/6 so that we can show you the facilities, including changing rooms for the teams and to give you some practical info including the delivery of the tournament program for each player so that everyone will know when and where to play etc.
This will also be the last chance to make changes to your player lists, so if you have any changes to your player list, please bring us 2 copies of the new list (could be handwritten corrections) so that we can give a list to the referees and have one for our files.

No later than 31/5 we need to have the final number of participants for the dinner.
It is the responsibility of the team manager to collect the DKK 240 per person and to pay directly to the restaurant the total amount for the team.
This could be made by credit card and can take place any day prior to or on 16/6.
The restaurant will get a copy of the participant lists updated to 31/5 so that they may control that everyone has paid.
Please let me know asap and no later than 31/5 if any changes to the number for your team should be made?

The restaurant has kindly offered to serve breakfast from 0830 and lunch on Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday to be paid individually by each player.
We have in Danish shown the menu and the price in DKK for lunch.
We know that it may be difficult to know when to have lunch but we hope that as many as possible will take advantage of this fine offer from the restaurant so that this will also be a possibility for all participants to get to know each other during lunch time.

Changing rooms with showers etc will be allocated and shown to team managers at the Thursday morning meeting.
We will ask the Copenhagen teams to use the guest rooms (ved store og lille kunstgræsbanerne) that they normally use when playing against AB teams, and the remaining teams will use the AB member room.
After the 2. match of the day, the team manager could also get one free beer or soft drink from the restaurant for each player on the team (and for spouses). Just indicate your team name when ordering.

Please find under News item from 18.05.2018 a mail from Kim regarding the scarfs and hope that team leaders may take advantage of the resale price of DKK 80 for their team members. If sold later on, the price will be DKK 100.
As indicated by Kim, the scarfs will be received prior to the training tour to Aalborg but for other teams the team manager may just buy and get them for his team at the manager meeting Thursday 14/6.

Please let me know if you have other questions for the tournament, that may not be found at the homepage?

John Andersen


18.05.2018        WC70+   World Cup Scarves 

Mail received from Kim 18.05.2018:

Hello Western Japan and Kizuna.

Here is the final and fine-tuned design  for our High Definition – better quality Scarves of which we have ordered 150. – It took about 10 corrections to get them correct, but I think they look great.
I assume Western Japan will at least purchase 20, while Kizuna 15.  I have reserved 26 for my NC United team (16 players 10 wives) for a total of 61 scarves, hoping to sell each of the Danish teams at least 10 scarves.
IF not we will auction them off at the team/tournament party on the 16th of June. – If you need more let me know.
We got all 12 club names and their logos incorporated into the scarf – the 8 new Danish team flanked by AB and NC United on the front and Kizuna and Western Japan on the reverse  as the founders of the World Cup back in 2016 in Japan.
I hope you like the design – see below – and let us also hope that for most days the weather in Denmark don’t require a scarf, but may be good to bring along to the dinner parties and good to have if they night turn cool and of course for a great memory of having participated in the World Cup 70+  AB DENMARK 2018.  – We expect the weather to be in the 17-22 Celsius during the day and 10-17 at night.
We will bring the Kizuna scarves for the trip Aalborg and we will arrange that Western Japan get theirs on the 12th (I will give them to Deguchi/Steve Lang staying at the Cabinn Scandinavia Hotel on Vodroffsvej close to your hotel).
Price including mailing cost etc. per scarf is DDK80/$13.50/Y1500 per scarf – hope you are OK with this price.  You can pay me in DDK or US$ in Copenhagen.

Layout of WC70+ scarves:


29.04.2018        WC70+   Training Matches 

Players of the Star Team (Team 12) should find the following information helpful:

  1. The Tournament begins Thusday 14.6 and according to the Program Star Team will play:
    Kizuna Japan – Star Team   14-06-18    10:45
    Star Team – SIF/HIK           14-06-18    13:45
    It will be possible to have lunch between or after the matches as long as the restaurant has been  informed  about the approximate number of participants.
  2. AB and Star Team will play a training match on Saturday 9.6 at 10:00 with a possible lunch after the match.
  3. Star Team will make football shirts and trousers  available for everybody on the team to be returned to Niels Chr. Kamper after the last match Saturday.
  4. The fee for Star Team covering water or beer after the match will be paid by AB. Therefore  the only expenses for players on Star Team are for the lunch and World Cup Dinner Party on the 16.6.
  5.  NC United USA and West Japan will depart Sunday 10.6 to Ålborg from CabInn, Danasvej at 07:30 to play training matches  in Ålborg beginning at 14:00. In the evening the 2 teams will have dinner together with Ålborg Chang.  Accommodation in Aalborg at Hotel Radisson Blue Limfjorden at the harbor with return trip Monday evening via Odense. The bus used for the trip has room for more people and further information can be forwarded upon request.

I shall be looking forward to see you all on 9.6 and hope for a strong Star Team.

John Andersen


21.04.2018        WC70+ World Cup Dinner Party

I am happy to send you the invitation to Dinner Party at AB Restaurant 16/06 2018. Please refer your players to the World Cup Dinner Party page  where you will also see the nice picture of the winner prize.

Some of you have already indicated a number of participants but we now need the binding registration prior to 31/5 since we have to give our final order on 1/6. So earlier registration is welcome.

I look forward to having a lot of replies as soon as you know the final number.

John Andersen


08.04.2018       WC70+ Players and Matches

Following my 22/3 mail, is a pleasure to inform you all that the match program, please see Menu Program, is now ready for all 12 teams

So please feel free to forward it to all your players and suggest that they currently follow old and new info on menu News.

We have in the 22/3 mail asked for player lists and as soon as we get the remaining, we will insert them on menu Teams 1 to 12.

We have further asked each team to indicate their tentative estimated attendance in the 16/6 dinner and have had replies from our Japanese and US teams.

Kim has also developed a program for those teams including a tour to Ålborg for two of the teams on Sunday and Monday prior to the start of the tournament.

If any of you have suggestions for info that may be helpful on the homepage, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you all with your teams

John Andersen
Mobile (+45) 2220 2507


22.03.2018       WC70+ Registrations

Further to our previous mails, I am happy to inform you that we now expect 12 teams to participate in the June event – see the team names on menu Team List.  Star Team is still being formed and would consider accepting any player who may be in excess from the 11 other teams so please let me know if any such players are available.

John Andersen


22.03.2018          WC70+ Formalities

It is now also time for some of the formalities to be completed:

The Japanese teams will pay the DKK 600 when they come to Denmark and some of the other teams have already paid.
But I would ask the remaining Danish teams to pay now. Reg number 2343   Account  6897112920.

Please complete a list of players for each team showing name and birth year.
We will later need player numbers for each player so if you have that already now it is fine – otherwise that may be included at a later date prior to 13/6, where the complete player list should be delivered.
We would like at this stage to get an idea as to how many players and spouses who will join us for the dinner on 16/6 after the game Denmark – Peru on TV which will be showed on a big screen.
We will try to keep the price for the dinner as low as possible but in order to negotiate a fair price we need to know the approximate number.

We are in the process of writing the game rules so that you will get them well in advance of the event.
Our initial thoughts are that games will be 2*20 minutes and that we play 2 games a day.

Several other activities are planned and some of them already organized, such as training matches and an Aalborg tour 10-11/6 for NC United and Kizuna Japan.
This is done on an individual basis but we try to coordinate to make certain that our foreign players get the maximum benefit out of their travel to Denmark.

Please inform your players that they may read this message and other info on:

http://ab-tjoensere.dk / the top menu  > World Cup 70+ AB 2018

From this you may already now see under menu purpose  that we hope that:

• The tournament and activities will motivate to a new World Cup 70+ in 2019 – where?

We will try to coordinate suggestions for this prior to your arrival, so please let us have your suggestions for time and place so that we may have a decision/invitation ready for the dinner on 16/6.
This would either be USA or Japan unless of course the main interest is to repeat this in 2019 in Denmark?

On menu Team List you can find an overview of the 12 teams.
I look forward to hearing from you all.

Best regards – we look so much forward to seeing you.

John Andersen


22.02.2018   WC70+ Initial Registrations

We have by now received acceptance for 7 teams and several more teams are considering joining our tournament on June 14-16 as per the enclosed schedule.

In our invitation we gave a deadline of March 1, and I appreciate that so many teams and players have already responded. So we look forward to having further replies from the teams that have not yet confirmed their attendance.

We will later on send a mail with practical arrangements about the tournament but all matches will be played at the AB camp with 11 players on each team and on the lane should be no more than 3 players born in 1949 or 1950 (everyone else should be borne 1948 og earlier). We will later ask you to complete team rosters with team colors, player number, name and year born, so please be prepared. But substitutes will be allowed (also for the 3 young players) so please include all players on that list.

We have not yet finalized the match schedule since that depends on the number of teams playing. But we expect several matches to take place during each of the 3 days for all teams and we will arrange for training balls for each team and for our restaurant to be open for lunch.